Racing and Race Car Oil Additives and Lubricant

Keep your eyes and ears open for the upcoming launch of the Micro-Armor Racing line of advanced technology lubricants.

Currently, Micro-Armor 1000 Oil Treatment is adding horsepower, keeping engines running smoothly, and protecting gears on professional drag strips and racetracks around the world.

Our Micro-Armor 4000 Spray Lube delivers extreme lubrication in the hard to get areas.

Micro-Armor 6000 High Performance, High Temperature Grease is unsurpassed in reducing friction in bearings and joints to give you that extra advantage.

Top fuel dragsters, stock cars, monster trucks, motorcycles, and high performance tractors all can gain increased horsepower, reduced heat, and less damage to metal parts.

Just because you haven't seen our stickers yet doesn't mean you haven't seen us in action.

BTS Test Report - Wheel Bearing Grease Test Las Vegas PDF file

Rusty Schlenk Testimonial - 50+ Feature Wins PDF file

Charlie Langenstein Testimonial - 2 TIME NASCAR CHAMPION PDF file


We're the best kept secret in racing. but we're about to change that.